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What does Ventolin do?

Ventolin is used for treating and preventing asthma and other breathing disorders.The purpose of Ventolin drug, which comes as an inhaler, is to help you breathe easily. When a person starts to feel wheezing or tightening of the chest this inhaler helps to open up and clear the breathing tubes in his lungs. Ventolin is also well-known as the bronchodilator.
Sometimes people have asthma symptoms after they exercise, which is a fairly common condition and it’s called exercise-induced asthma. In this case Ventolin can help you prevent asthma attacks if you used it before you exercise. The inhaler can also be used for other purposes, besides asthma treatment.
Ventolin can be very beneficial for patients with various breathing problems. This medication works as a muscle relaxant and helps to increase the air flow to the lungs. For instance, people with reversible obstructive airway disease may find Ventolin to be very helpful.

Usage and side effects

Before starting on Ventolin it is important to consult your doctor first. You need to mention if you take any medication at the time, if you have had to stop using any other asthma medication before, if you have allergies or any other serious medical conditions. It is also crucial to notify the doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or plan to get pregnant.
Sometimes, when people take Ventolin for a while, it may not be as helpful as before. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention if your inhaler does not help you anymore, because it may mean that your condition is getting worse.
Just like any other medication Ventolin may be responsible for several side-effects. Most of times these side-effects are minor and disappear quickly, but there have been cases when the side-effects were serious.
The most common conditions that can be caused by Ventolin are nausea, headaches, fast or irregular heartbeat, tense or shaky feeling, irritation in the mouth or the throat and ‘warm’ feeling.
The less common and far more serious side-effects may include restlessness in children and muscle cramps in all patients.
If while on Ventolin you do not experience any of these symptoms, but start to feel any other changes in you condition you still need to let your doctor know, because side-effects differ from one person to another.

Ventolin inhaler for pet rats

It is interesting that Ventolin can not only be used for people but for pet rats as well. Rat owners who observe bronchospasms in their pets have been successfully using the inhaler and relieving the conditions of the little critters greatly.
Veterinarians are advised to use low dosages of Ventolin, the ones that are used in treating babies and also to use the inhaler with caution, especially if the animal is pregnant or has any other serious medical problems, such as diabetes for example.
Because Ventolin may cause some serious side-effects, especially if used in large doses, it is important to consult the vet first, as the doctor will prescribe the dosage suitable for each individual rat.
Even though bronchospasms can be very serious and even lead to death in small animals, Ventolin has been proven to be very helpful and has made many rat owners very happy, because they were able to save their little pets’ lives.

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